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Welcome to my new animation series on how cities are made. I have over the years taught both undergrad and masters students and practitioners about commercial property development and its place in the growth of cities and in our city formations.

The series does not stop with such students but tries to take the lesson out of the lecture theatre and into the home theatre or tv where even the most complex lessons are made available to all people and with an element of entertainment.

Whoever you are, and whatever level of education you think you are at, these lessons are designed for you. I hope you enjoy them and that they help you understand how cities are made.

COVID UPDATE: Pause Internship Opportunities

The faster class web site was created in 2019 and was being developed with an active intern programme across several universities and colleges. See our posts for the various interactions in marketing, strategy, web design and analytics. 

The intern programme was interrupted by COVID but we plan to reinstate it when things settle down. 

Current Offerings on this Web Site

 After COVID slowed our web development down, we focused on two main offerings: The Property Development Game (see below) and our ‘How to turn a house into an apartment tower’ induction course for starter developers. The offerings are animated and we hope that we can develop them into the future as a better more interesting teaching method which is training oriented.

Dr Jonathan Drane

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Optimize a Site Development

Optimise Site Value & Funding

Test Your Development Smarts

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Optimize a Site Development

Optimise Site Value & Funding

Test Your Development Smarts

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