Welcome to our exciting new learning platform. There are four affiliate programmes depending on your situation as a student, teacher, business or institution.

Being an affiliate means that you get to promote our course offerings to your colleagues, students or friends for a special discounted price that only you have access to and you receive a commission.

But first! If you are new to our offering please watch this youtube video which is linked to two follow up videos which explain the educational series we are offering as well as its teaching design and unique competency based outcomes.

Triple Incentive System

Our triple incentive system makes it easier for you as an affiliate to not only promote but secure sales to your targeted customers. Here is how it works:

Incentive 1: You obtain access to the course or module that you would like to promote at a nominal discounted cost. It is a requisite that you complete the course or module prior to promoting it as it is important that you understand the course and believe in the quality and outcomes before you promote it. Incentive 1 also gives you access to becoming an instructor (see next section).

Incentive 2: You receive a % commission on the discounted gross sale price of the course as advertised.

Incentive 3: Your are given a discount voucher code that you can give to your target colleagues and students which allows them to purchase the course at a discounted amount.

The triple incentive system allows for a win-win-win arrangement and is designed to get those sales across the line.

Affiliate Categories

We have created four affiliate categories: Institution, Teacher, Business and Student. Here is how each works:

Institution: You as a college, university, faculty or school promote to your student cohort/population.

Teacher: You as a teacher promote to your class cohort.

Student: You as a student promote to fellow students and colleagues.

Business: You as a business promote to your clients or colleagues.

Marketing Tactics and Ethical Disclosure

The process of selling the course in a business environment versus a personal environment requires some ethical consideration.

The triple incentive places you in a privileged position relative to the potential student as you have already gained access and experienced the course at a minimal cost and are promoting based on your belief in the coursework as well as your incentive to achieve a sale. An exciting and challenging process that needs you to be comfortable with the process.

If for example you are promoting to a friend you should disclose the affiliate arrangement upfront. The incentive to purchase the course at a voucher discount is enticing for the potential student and so there is an immediate commercialisation of the interaction with a dual incentive.

If promoting as a teacher in an institutional setting it is ethical to obtain approval or concurrence with the institution related to the incentive scheme and the course being promoted should be relevant and add value to the course that you are currently teaching.

Commissions and Discount Vouchers

To find out our current rates which are subject to change based on performance outcomes:


Our teaching platform is automated and the course moderation and competency ratings given to students is automatic. However their progression path includes mentoring and attendance in our master class webinar and face to face workshops which are case study based. These workshops need facilitators and mentors to interact with the students on a paid basis. Ask more about this for more detail if you are interested.

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Thanks for showing interest in our exciting new learning programme.

Dr Jonathan Drane