Pre-requisite for this course:

You need to have completed the Starter Induction Course and the How to turn a house into an apartment tower course before commencing this course.

Course Summary

This course takes us into the development world of office towers which replace the traditional streetscape shops that we are so familiar with in our historic town formations.

The course gives a higher understanding of how office demand can create development value and render the shops as redundant value wise.

Including concepts: Discounted Cash Flow (DCF101), Highest and Best Use (HBU101), Hypothetical Development Method ( HDM101), Residual Land Value (RLV101), Back of Envelope Analysis (BOE101) and Building Envelope Analysis (BEA101).

Module 1 From Shops to Office Tower- The Geometry
Unit 1 A City Introduction- The Office Tower  - Preview
Unit 2 From Shop to Apartment Tower
Unit 3 The Imaginary Tower
Unit 4 The Block Plan
Unit 5 The Space Police
Unit 6 The Viable Tower
Module 2 From Shops to Office Tower-The Numbers
Unit 1 The Product Mix
Unit 2 The Envelope
Unit 3 The Revenue
Unit 4 The Development Cost
Unit 5 The Land Buy
Module 3 From Shops to Office Tower-The Impact-Risk
Unit 1 The Development Scheme
Unit 2 The Plans
Unit 3 The Feasibility
Unit 4 The Risk
Unit 5 The Approvals
Module 4 From Shops to Office Tower- The Funding
Unit 1 Pre-sales
Unit 2 The Mezzanine
Unit 3 The Parent Debt
Unit 4 Seed and Equity Funds
Unit 5 Delivery Strategy
Module 5 From Shops to Office Tower-The Acquisition
Unit 1 The Land Owners
Unit 2 The Land Lots
Unit 3 The Land Parcel
Unit 4 The Strategy
Unit 5 The Buyout
Module 6 From Shops to Office Tower-The Development
Unit 1 The Project Structure
Unit 2 The Delivery Strategy
Unit 3 The Feasibility/Budget
Unit 4 The Programme
Unit 5 The Team
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