Internship Stories

We are grateful to our past and current interns for their enthusiastic assistance with or various projects from handing out marketing leaflets (pre-covid) to helping with grant applications, web design and marketing strategy.

Here are some of their stories:

Digital Marketing Assistant: Feb to April 2020: Macleay College Undergraduate 1st year Bachelor of Digital Media.

The internship has been completed with student Aash who has worked well online helping with our social media posts and direct email marketing. Thanks Aash!!

Grant Research Assistant: Late February 2020

A Marketing and Research Assistant helped with submission for Western Sydney University Launchpad-Landcom start up grant.

A 2nd year undergrad in Property Economics helped with research and putting together of the expression of interest to WSU-Landcom. Thanks Francis!!

Marketing Assistant: February 2020

Marketing Assistant Helped Hand out Leaflets for Orientation Campaign:

A starting undergrad at USYD Business School helped hand out our post card leaflets at the UTS and USYD orientation week.

Thanks JoJo!!

Want to Learn More?

We are establishing a work experience and internship programme to help students who are seeking job experience as part of their university accreditation to obtain their degree.

Who is it for?

The programme is primarily for undergraduate and post graduate students in their second or third year who are required to log a specific number of hours to count toward their degree.

It is also for undergrad and postgrad students seeking work experience and internships as part of their university course selections e.g. internship subjects that are electives.

How does it work? see our internship page

How do I apply? Read our internship page and then fill in this questionnare:

Thanks for your interest

Dr Jonathan Drane