Our internship programme is up and running and our first ‘course aligned internship’ has been in process over the past few months with an undergrad intern from Macleay College, Sydney, Bachelor of Digital Media.

Aash Thapa, an energetic international student from Nepal showed initiative in obtaining the internship role against many others, simply because firstly he filled out the ‘Internship Questionnaire‘ and took our ‘How agile are you quizz‘. He then showed his energy and enthusiasm in the zoom interview which continued throughout the internship and the early covid period.

Aash then helped with us maintaining a social media presence across the various platforms including personal and business posts on Linked In and Facebook. Though this is an area familiar to us , the process needs continuous posting based on a strategy.

Thanks to the Macleay College academic team also who supervised Aash and I was also able to provide an evaluation of the internships as part of the assessment process.

See Aash’s testimonial is on our testimonial page

Dr Jonathan Drane

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