How to make a city

An accelerated training series by Dr Jonathan Drane in City and Property Development

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Welcome to my new animation series on how cities are made. I have over the years taught both undergrad and masters students and practitioners about commercial property development and its place in the growth of cities and in our city formations.

The series does not stop with such students but tries to take the lesson out of the lecture theatre and into the home theatre or tv where even the most complex lessons are made available to all people and with an element of entertainment.

I learned this approach in the 1970s from one of the greatest teachers in Professor Julius Sumner Miller who taught physics to university students but his teaching methods were so fascinating that he eventually taught his lessons on international television. Families watched in wonder from the lounge room couch as the mysteries of physics and the physical world were unfolded to them.

Whoever you are, and whatever level of education you think you are at, these lessons are designed for you. I hope you enjoy them and that they help you understand how cities are made.

Dr Jonathan Drane