You may be the best and most brilliant student, have all the wonderful intellectual and practical skills to understand scientific principles or the wonders of digital marketing, but it is all meaningless to an organisation if you are not organised.

One of the key areas that is of value to a business is ‘self organisation’ and to understand the work flow process of corporations which is like its life blood.

This includes the most basic things like running a calendar, using email as a key information flow,  following a work flow schedule, understanding urgency of specific events, following a time line, understanding milestones and showing email courtesy which is to simply respond and not leave people in the dark.

I often need to teach this to undergrads and even post grads and interns in general, as I believe it is these skills as a foundation that are the ones that carry you through life. The higher skills and all the other wonderful knowledge areas are meaningless in the business context without these. It is like having a car without a transmission system.

This post is written for existing and potential interns as our internship programme is up and running and we just ran our first course based internship which included an evaluation process as the host organisation with Macleay College see our blog article (below).

We also have run two ‘gig internships’ which involve smaller projects like handing out posters ( pre-Covid) or making an expression of interest application for a grant. See our work placements page ( see below)

The Gumtree Dilemma

I was amazed when I posted a Gumtree advert in February ( pre-Covid) for a student to help hand out post cards leaflets at Orientation Week UYSD and UTS. I receive 70 or so applicants who had auto responses that provided email details, auto cv’s and other information. It was like a social media marketing guy’s dream. However what was missing was actual contact by the many respondees.

When I sent them a follow on response, only 10 students responded and amongst them only three actually filled out the questionnaire and undertook the associated assessment.

The successful student actually just followed the path and filled out the forms and turned up at the zoom interview.

I know that the mainstream recruitment process dulls the senses with its meaningless auto responses and with intermediary assessors who often have no idea what the role is about, and then provide no response. This has created the auto gumtree world methinks.

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Most importantly- get organised 🙂

I hope this has helped future and existing interns as well as organisations who will benefit from interns practicing ‘self organisation’

Dr Jonathan Drane

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