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Greenshoot Investments Pty Ltd and Optimum Search Pty ltd (‘Op Green’) provide online courses in City and Property development through www.jondrane.net, mclass.jondrane.net and fastclass.jondrane.net.

The teaching, training and educational materials and methods are designed for your progression with professional skills however we do not warrant the success of any project or business venture that you might create or implement in parrallel with our courses, or mentor workshops in webinar form or face to face.

Such workshops and any direct interactions are offered on a best efforts no liability basis in a mentor context only.

Any advisory offerings are formalised in separate agreements to this which only covers the online courses and webinar workshops.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to you is described in our promotional materials and an example is shown in the graphic below.

By pressing the above Start Here Button you agree to our conditions as follows:

The commitment, does not apply to a whole masters or undergraduate degree. It applies to specific relevant skills that are taught within a course or unit. Should our undertaking be disputed then you will need to evidence the relevant course/unit and its skills outcomes.
The skills outcomes you evidence must be competence based and not based on academic grading criteria. The intention is not to compare academic outcomes against our competency outcomes.

Teaching Platform

Our online teaching platform is on fastclass.jondrane.net and provides a progressive teaching flow with intermittent quizzes and exams.

Your progression from one course to the next might rely on your competence in the prior course and this is stated in the teachiing platform.

We do not warrant that you will pass any of these tests, quizzes or exams.


Our teaching platform includes a paymen system through various third party providers like Paypal and Stripe.

Under some circumstances you are able to obtain a refund at predetermined milestones as noted in the teaching platform. If you seek a refund we ask that you provided necessary justification prior. Our aim is for you to enjoy the programme and we do not support the exploitation of our materials.


All materials on the site are copyright Op Green, Dr Jonathan Drane. All rights are reserved.