As an intern of Dr Drane Faster class I worked as a Digital Marketing Assistant where I learned many industry based knowledge and skills which would help me in my future in this industry. I would always be thankful for Mr.Drane coordinating and providing a professional atmosphere for this project and I would like to wish him all the luck for his journey in property development. Aashish Thapa, Undergraduate, Bachelor of Digital Media, Macleay College, Sydney. Learn more about this and other internships on our Work Placements page and in our blog articles see sidebar ->>

“The ‘Think like a Property Developer’ masterclass provided insight into property developments and developers through thought provoking case studies and discussions.” Marina Bennetts,
Bachelor of Business (Property). Third year. Ervin Graf Scholar at Stockland.

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“I Have attended a couple of sessions thus far and am far impressed by the practical knowledge being produced in these sessions. Being able to utilize readily available tools while also interacting with Dr Drane has enabled me to get the most out of each session. Looking forward to attending the upcoming sessions”. Chahid Makary Property Student WSU School of Business. Trinity Constructions.

Dr Jonathan Drane