The Property Development Game

Free Trial – Limited Time Period

Introductory Video:

Free Trial- Limited Time Period

Welcome to our free trial of The Property Development Game which provides a game and animated interface to allow you to accelerate your training and skills in City and Property Development.

The first free trial is called Site Opt (short for site optimisation) and it teaches you how to turn a 4 house development site into a multi-apartment tower. The term H2A is used as an acronym for House to Apartment Tower which is a common form of magnified development. Thus H2A Site Opt.

The free trial includes a prototype which includes:

  • a ‘how to’ animated video as above.
  • an interactive graphical spreadsheet which will form the basis for a fully developed app.
  • a kahoot game which tests your comprehension and competence
  • a feedback survey for our further development of the game.
  • your one sentence testimonial which can be de-identified
  • your $15 discount voucher which can be applied if you wish to continue with the ‘gamer’ membership
  • you can stop here or
  • you can become a ‘Gamer Member’ with all the benefits for $25 less the $15 discount voucher which means you pay $10.
  • The Gamer Member benefits are updated in our Pricing Page.

The prototype will form the basis for a gaming programme that includes the ability to test development sites for viability and feasibility.

To register interest in participating in the free trial please fill out the form below. Subject to our assessment of your suitability to the trial we will then send you the game links for testing.

Take The Challenge: Free Trial Offer Limited Period

Please fill out the following form and read these benefits and conditions:

  • Please engage in the whole game which should take about two hours and requires a survey feedback from you.
  • We will put you onto our Faster Class email updates and you can un-subscribe at any time.
  • A discount voucher of $15 is offered as a reward for your involvement. The voucher can be applied to any of our products.
  • The trial offers you the ability to apply the $15 discount voucher to a Gamer Membership see our Pricing Page.
  • Participating in the trial successfully provides you with eligibility for our internship programme. See Internship Page.
  • The game is Copyright © 2020 Dr Jonathan Drane all rights reserved.

When you fill out the form you agree to the above conditions and you have read our privacy policy

What happens next?

When we receive your details and subject to your suitability for the trial we will issue the game and request your feedback for our further offerings.

Thank you for your interest

Dr Jonathan Drane

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